Bad seo techniques

11:12 AM
Avoid using cheap tricks to get search rankings. If
you see anothersite ranking high using one of
these tricks do not assume that they will be stillbe
ranking high next month. Over the years, the
search engines have improved theirskills at
identifying attempts to spam their listings. The
engines will continueto improve their algorithms
in the future.
1. Do not use a font color that is the same or very
close to your background color.
2. Do not use too much font size one (1) text as the
default text size as many search engines consider
tiny text to be spam.
3. Do not add a bunch of meaningless keywords to
your page. It may help you rank high for a while
but but it not worth the risk of being penalized by
the search engines. The integrity of your site
could also suffer if you have unusual text on your
4. Avoid participate in obvious link farms or link
exchange programs. The search engines often
refer to these as bad neighborhoods and will
penalize or ban your site for linking to them. One
definition for link farm would be: a site whose
only purpose is to artificially inflate link
popularity by exchanging links. Don't pay for links
unless you know how they will provide them.
5. Avoid using deceitful re-direct techniques. The
integrity of your site will sufferif your users
expect one thing and find something else.
6. Google has a page to report spam. We are not
sure how diligent Google is at investigating these
reports, but the option is there if one of your
competitors is gaining an upper hand through
dirty SEO techniques.
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  1. Oh I was looking for this kind of article.
    thanks for the info

  2. Another important point is to avoid website 'cloaking' where the page a search engines sees is different to what a user would see.

  3. It is something very important to every webmaster to reconsider any attempt to blackhat search engines..

  4. Thank you for the awesome information. I have noticed that google's new update pretty much killed link farms! I'll definitely stay away from those.

  5. a very nice tips to engage better SEO. I couldn't agree more!

  6. Bad seo can ruin your websites search engine traffic and can even get it banned from google. Know before you SEO!

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  8. It is pleasing to look you express from the heart and your clarity on this significant content can be easily looked.

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