Creating spider friendly site

11:16 AM
1. Ensure that you do not have any HTML errors on
your page, especially your indexpage. HTML
errors, even minor one, can prevent the spiders
from spidering your wholesite. Even though your
page displays great you may still have errors.
Use anHTMLvalidation tool to check your
important pages.
2. Include all your pages on a text based sitemap so
that your pages can be easilyfound by the search
engine robots.
3. Avoid very big pages. Generally, the pages
should not exceed 150kb.
4. Move Javascript code to a separate file, or to the
end of the HTML document afteryour closing
BODY or HTML tag.
If you move the JavaScript code to a separate file
then add the following in the heading:


The separate JavaScript file reduces your HTML
file size, and therefore your downloadtime. It
allows you to reuse the code on future web
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