8 Ways to Submit Your Site to Yahoo

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Yahoo is both a search engine and a directory. By
submitting your site to Yahoo's human-edited
directory, you may have a better chance of being
found by purely spider-driven engines (such as
Google). It's best to figure out exactly where your
site or content may fit in the Yahoo structure
before submitting willy-nilly to anything that has
the word "submit" in it. Expect a "reasonable
delay" when using any of these site submission
There are eight (!) submission options with
Yahoo; I'm going to briefly go over them one by
Yahoo Free Site Submission
The Yahoo Site Submit option is easy and free. All
you have to do is enter the URL of the site you'd
like to submit to be included in the Yahoo Search
index. Must have a free Yahoo ID in order to do
this (registration required).
Yahoo Mobile Site Submission
You can submit your xHTML, WML or cHTML
mobile site for inclusion in Yahoo'smobile search
index. Again, just submit your site's URL.
Yahoo Media Content Submission
If you have audio, video, or visual content, you
cansubmit your content to Yahoo Search via
your media RSS feed. Not as complicated as it
might sound.
Yahoo Search Submit
Yahoo's Search Submit Express option is not free,
but you do get guaranteed inclusion within the
Yahoo search index. Pricing of this option varies.
Make sure to read theYahoo Site Submit
guidelines thoroughly before choosing this
option; you want to make sure it's the best option
for your site since it does cost.
Keep reading for the rest of the Yahoo site submit
options on page two of this article titled8 Ways
to Submit Your Site to Yahoo.
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