Search Engine Optimization and the Title Tag

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The title tag is an extremely important factor in
search engine optimization. Most search engines
and search directories place a high level of
importance on the title tag when determining
what sites to index, since the title tag is what
usually shows up for the title of your listing in
search results. In addition, the title tag shows up
in the top blue part of the browser window, and
if users bookmark your site, the title is what
usually shows up in the bookmarks.
Title Tags - What They Look Like
The title tag is going to look something like this:
Title Tags - Where They Are Found
Title tags are found within the and head> tags within the HTML or XML coding that
makes up a website.
Title Tags - How Long
Different search engines have different criteria for
how long your title tag should be, but it's
generally acceptable for your title tag to be in the
range of 60 to 115 characters (that's including
Title Tags - Tips to Remember
Search Engine Optimization and the Title <br />Tag

Search Engine Optimization and the Title <br />Tag

Make sure to personalize each title tag for each
page of your site. Every page should have its
own unique title tag that references what the page
is actually about.
Place your most optimized keyword phrases at
the beginning of the title tag;this is just in case a
search engine cuts your title tag off right when it
starts getting good.
Make your title relevant and appropriate to what
your site's focus is, and stay away from sales
language, i.e., "Best Computers On Earth!".
Include one or two relevant keyword phrases,
but do not just list only keywords (this could be
viewed as spamming). Instead, make it a
readable title that will entice readers to click
Go local. If you are a dog breeder in Tennessee
and want to be found, then by all means, put
your geographical location in your title tag. Just
make sure that you don't put two locations right
next to each other, as in "Breeders in Nashville-
Nashville Breeders" since search engines possibly
will see this as spamming.
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