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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be described as a foundation that supports a site. Without having or applying SEO (Search Engine optmization) is good, then the site you kelolah will sink to the bottom of Google search (SERP).
Hence, too, the topic of discussion with the theme of learning SEO (Search Engine optmization) quite often posted on several websites. SEO (Search Engine optmization) can be defined simply as a technique or a way to optimize or maximize the visibility of a website search engine crawls terhadapa / internet search engines through a number of settings from inside (on page) and promotion / marketing (off page).
From year to year, the system of SEO (Search Engine optmization) can be said to continue to evolve and adapt to system changes in Google and other search engines. By the year 2016, some changes to the basics of SEO (Search Engine optmization) was also following the case and some of the basics of SEO (Search Engine optmization) which will be used in 2016.
Loading speed of your blog or website
Loading speed of your website or blog has become one of the factors of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since 2011 and.
Important for you to know the webmasters or bloggers who are learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google has been using the loading time to rank your website or blog in the SERP (Google search results).
Additionally, pengunjun / visitor / user internet proved to be like visiting a website or blog that is slow loading time of his alias long. So that the problems that will arise is the quiet visit to a website or blog.
Currently, Google is already considering hosting in determining the rankings and visibility of a website or blog. If you are still using selfhosting, you are strongly advised to switch to HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Secure protocal) than selecting HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer protocal) usual. Google now prefer to advance to index pages with HTTPS in advance due to security is offered on the Internet user.
Develop natural link
In the year 2016, it is predicted that blogwalking or commenting which is one of the techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will not help much. Google currently will likely assign comments just link the link for link building / get backlinks as spam and Google will ignore it. So for the webmaster / blogger, you should begin to consider inbound links as a natural backlink to your site.
Maximizing the use alt text images
Images can be one content to boost traffic visits to your website or blog, but you should be proficient in maximizing their use by using the file name (file name), image title (title image) and alternative text (alt text) on the image supporting article or posts that you make.
That some of the techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as part of the topic might learn SEO 2016 will help increase traffic blog or website in 2016.
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